GoYo Turns Your Instagram Into A Cash Making Machine.

Easily link your product or service to your instagram audience with our revolutionary new product. Simply load your products in your dashboard and give your audience the "Search Term"

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Fuzzy Searching

Typing on cell phones is hard. Fuzzy searching allows customers to find products with only 50% of the right characters! (Example: "hodie" will return product "hoodies")

Unlimited Products & Search Terms

Easily load up thousands of products and build a catalog instantly with our bulk uploader tool!

Product Image (MMS)

Send a product real-time direct to your customer to help convert the sale! Multiple images allowed by request!

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Catalog List

Customers can query your catalog with a simple term, "catalog". Smart search is enabled to allow customers use custom queries like "List catalog" or "Show me the catalog".

Custom Welcome Message

Go Yo's simple dashboard allows you to select your own custom message to deliver when a new customer sends a new SMS.

Hit Reporting

Go Yo keeps a running tab of all the hit request so you can easily see what product is the most popular!

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